The Forbidden Love

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Modern Beijing Opera - The Forbidden Love

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If you are interested in Peking Opera, it's a good performance to see - Forbidden Love, The plot is essentially an adaptation of Song dynasty folktale from Chinese mythology 'Madame White Snake', an interesting story with innovative stage design, top of the line lighting and video equipment as well as fresh, modern choreography of acrobats and martial arts, magnificence costumes all up to international standards.

Beijing Opera Theatre:

Nationality Culture Palace Theatre

Forbidden Love Info

The Legend of White Snake, also named 'Forbidden Love', It had become a major subject of several Chinese opera, films and TV series. nowadays, the well done opera is showing at the Beijing Culture palace of Nationalities in every night. While the story is classical in every sense the production itself is high tech. Subtitles on large displays are easy to read and have correct English. The story moves quickly, no long ballads or over drawn scenes. The background itself is made up of multiple video panels showing clear and dramatic scenery.

The Legend of White Snake

Story of White Snake Legend

The Legend of the White Snake is a folk tale of Classic and known all over China. which existed as oral traditions before any written compilation. At its most basic, the story can backward to through thousands of years of cultivation on Mount Nan, that a snake spirit know as the Lady White joins the human world. She and a young man named Xu Xian fall in love and married. But their romance is hindered by a powerful monk, Fahai. He had intervenes in order to save the scholar's soul and casts the white snake into a deep well at the Leifeng Pagoda!

Over the centuries the story has evolved from horror story to romance with the scholar and the white snake-woman genuinely in love with one another, but such a relationship is forbidden by the laws of Heaven. There have also been variations on the telling of the story: like the scholar adopting the white snake as a pet while still a schoolboy; or himself being banished from Heaven and becoming a mere human on Earth.

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The Nationality Culture Palace Theatre has hold a new Beijing opera performances - the Forbidden Love in every night, shows time is 7:30-8:45pm, We offer the discount tickets for all the Zone, The details price at Nationality Culture Palace Theatre as followed:

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Yellow Zone ( Back zone / 23-29 rows ):150 Yuan

Green Zone ( Both sides / 1-22 rows ):200 Yuan

Gray Zone ( middle section / 1-4 and 16-22 rows ):280 Yuan

Blue Zone ( middle section / 9-15 rows ):380 Yuan

Red Vip Zone ( middle section / 5, 7, 8 rows ):480 Yuan

Note: All the tickets price is above the twenty-forty percent discount than that's market price(180, 280, 380, 480, 580), Seat booking is "first-come-first-serve".

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