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If you want to see a really Chinese Minorities dancing and musicals play in Beijing, you could get to the Tenggeli Tala Theatre, where hosts the spectacular Mongolian dance shows in every night. The show displays the lives of the Mongolians, with talented singers, dancers and stunt performers - in one scene the bride and bridegroom come into the room on a camel!

Beijing Mongolia Dance Venue: The Tenggeli-Tala

Mongolia Dance Info

The Mongolian minority that live in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, will always move their shoulders when riding across the grassland, no matter how slow or fast the pace. Hunting, lassoing horses, milking, shooting, and wrestling, all involve upper body movements, especially stressing the movement of shoulders.

So one of the most typical aspects of Mongolian dance is the shaking of the shoulders. The dance was modeled on the heroic personality of the Mongolians, and expressed metaphorically evoking the flying eagles and geese. The males dance forcefully, at a fast pace while the females dance gently and at a slow pace, with hands deft, wrists flexible, arms pliable, shoulders charming and chests relaxed, full of gentility and grace.

Tenggeli-tala - Mongolia Dance Show Tickets Booking

Tenggeli-tala - Mongolia Dance Show

Beijing Tengeli Tala Restaurant has displays the Mongolian dance and music shows at lunch and dinner time in every day. We offer the best discount tickets for all the Zone, The details price as followed:

Lunch Time Tickets ( Main Hall ):188 Yuan

Dinner Time Tickets ( Main Hall ):316 Yuan

Dinner Time VIP Tickets ( Vip Hall ):588 Yuan

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