Song-and-Dance Duet

Chinese Er Ren Zhuan Folk Arts

Chinese Song-and-Dance Duet Reviews:

The Song-and-Dance Duet also known as "Er Ren Zhuan" in Chinese common name, It is a folk comic art form popular in the northeast of China. This performance is now becoming better known thanks to the fact that many Song-and-Dance Duet performers have gone to perform on TV serials. Though mostly domestic songs for many foreigners don't seem to understand, but the comedy by dance and body movements has the audiences rolling in the aisles.

Theatre: Liu Laogen Grand Stage

Chinese Er Ren Zhuan Performance

As the saying goes in Norheastern China, "We'd rather give up our three meals than our song and dance duets." Local people enjoy going to these kind of operas.

Song-and-Dance Duet(Er Ren Zhuan) is a genre of local folk dance and song from Northeast China. It usually consists of two people, a boy and a girl. They sing as well as dance, using folded fans or red square handkerchiefs (which are twirled along as a song is performed) during the dancing portion. It is enjoyed by a majority of uneducated rural people of Northern Chinese before ,and now by more and more educated people all around China mainly because of its funny dialogue has become more than the old dances and songs in one show.

Er Ren Zhuan is now becoming better known in the rest of China, thanks to the fact that many er-ren zhuan performers have gone to perform on TV, as well as act in TV serials. Zhao Benshan is the most famous example.

Song-and-Dance Duet Tickets Booking

Beijing Liu Laogen Grand Stage has running the Song-and-Dance Duet (Er Ren Zhuan) performances in every night, show time is 8:00pm-10:15pm, We offer the tickets booking for all the Zone, The details prices of Er Ren Zhuan show at Liu Laogen Grand Stage as followed:

Beijing Liu Laogen Grand Stage Seating Plan

Purple Zone ( 14 seats ):380 Yuan

Green Zone ( 20 seats ):480 Yuan

Light Blue Zone ( 34 seats ):500 Yuan

Pink Zone ( 42 seats ):580 Yuan

Yellow Zone ( 233 seats ):680 Yuan

Croci Zone ( 12 seats ):700 Yuan

Red Zone ( 8 seats ):880 Yuan

Navy Blue Zone ( 13 seats ):900 Yuan

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