Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires - Flames of Desire

Published on Jan 21, 2014

Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires - Flames of Desire


Genre: NCPA

Dates: March 1-2, 2014

Venue: Opera House of NCPA

Prices: 100, 160, 220, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600

Features: The Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires will come back Beijing and presents choreographer & lead dancer German Cornejo's best tange performances Flames of Desire at Opera House of NCPA on March 1st-2nd.


The Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires was formed in 2005 with it's premier in Singapore in April of that year. In August 2005 the show was presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it was highly successful, resulting in engagements in the most prestigious venues around the world. This led to the company touring extensively over the last 8 years. Tango Fire is choreographed by critically acclaimed Argentine choreographer & dancer German Cornejo. The individual couples choreograph their own solos with German Cornejo refining the steps as is traditional in the world of Argentine Tango. Allowing the couples creative freedom creates a showcase of the 5 couples individual styles, making Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires unique in the world of Tango.

Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires - Flames of Desire

Leading Dancers - German Cornejo & Gisela Galeassi

German & Gisela studied tango from the age of 10 & 16 respectively. They learnt classical, contemporary dance, jazz ballet, acrobatics & tango with many of Argentina’s most respected teachers. German & Gisela have been World Tango Champions in 2005 and 2003 respectively. They have participated on top rating TV shows in Argentina; Susana Giménez, Almorzando with Mirtha Legrand, Showmatch and La Noche del 10. They have performed at famous Tango houses & milongas in Buenos Aires, Café Tortoni, Esquina Homero Manzi, Chiquin, Faena Hotel + Universe, El Viejo Almacén, La Viruta, Porteno and Bailarin, Parakultural and Confiteria Ideal. German appeared in Vamos al Tango -directed by Osvaldo Berlingeri, Bien de Tango with the orchestra El Arranque and he was guest star in Tango Por La Igualdad. Gisela appeared in Tango Passion under the musical direction of the renowned Sexteto Mayor, Tango Seduction, and she starred in the remake of legendary Tango Argentino. Both German & Gisela travelled throughout Japan with Buenos Tangos -directed by Fabio Hager-, and Tango Dance Premium -with the Fernando Marzan’s Orchestra, Gisela was the choreographer of the show.

German Cornejo & Gisela Galeassi formed their dance partnership in 2011. They were winning finalists in Jennifer Lopez & Marc Antony's TV show Q Viva culminating in the Las Vegas stage show of the same name in May 2012. In June 2012 they were JLO's special guest artists at her first ever concert in Buenos Aires. German has been with Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires since 2006 & Gisela joined in 2011.

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Booking From: Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014

Booking Until: Thursday, Feb 27, 2014

Show Time: Mar 1-2, 2014 / 7:30pm

Running Time: 2 hours 15 minutes


  • 100
  • 160
  • 220
  • 350
  • 400
  • 450
  • 500
  • 600

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