Beijing Theatre History & Facts

Record from early Qing Dynasty of China

Beijing is the cultural centre of China. When you arrive in here you can sample and taste the elegance and innocence of the ancient classics. The city's inheritance as an Oriental Ancient Eastern City is more than 3000 years of recorded history and wonderful cultures.

Beijing Opera

Within the ancient and modern Capital City life is rich and colourful. The night brings such a display of colours, the streets continue as day. People that like shows will swarm into the theatres to enjoy plays, feeling the excitement and calming influence of steel and wood wind instruments and rubbed and plucked string instruments from outside and within the Orient. The people watching the play can be part of the show enjoying the different emotions of happiness, tension, fear and sorrow. Lifestyles in Beijing include such varied and optional influences.

Beijing theatres history were recorded from early Qing dynasty. Until today in the Summer Palace, the emperor's garden and Gong Qing Wang Fu, the emperor's brother's garden, you can still see the original arena type stages where dramas were performed.

When Beijing stage art is mentioned, people instantly think of Beijing’s Peking Opera, which is famous and appreciated around the world. Mei Lan Feng and the other four most famous performers, and other so famous Peking Opera masters. The mention of operas also brings to memory, the clang of the gongs and symbols and the melody of the stringed instruments. No matter where you are in the world, when you hear these rhythms and sounds you will find the black eyes , black hair and yellow skinned dragons offspring, so recognised as Chinese. Peking opera is now a part of China's country arts. Generations of maestro have gestated from this land. Peking opera arts still blooms with vitality.

With more than 30 years of reform after opening up to the rest of the world and building this new modern capital. Nowadays, there are various modern styles of theatre spread everywhere around the city. There is hundreds of acting troupes and new dramas are being played every night.