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The Legend of Kung Fu at Red Theatre

Beijing Kung Fu Show Reviews:

If you want to explore the real Chinese Martial Arts & culture, You can't miss a great Kung Fu show - The legend of Kung Fu at Red Theatre Beijing. A high level performance with the wonderful story layout, perfect stage design, professional martial arts actors, and the real Kung fu actions and scenes. Whether you are an Martial arts enthusiast, you are strongly impacted both mentally and physically. It's truly unforgettable experience in China.

Beijing Kung Fu Show Theatre: The Red Theatre

Chinese Kung Fu Info

The Chinese Kung Fu is popular terms with Chinese martial arts, trace its origins back some 4000 years ago to self-defense needs, hunting activities and military training in ancient China. In the long course of development, the Kung fu's purpose from self-defense to health maintenance and finally as method of self-cultivation. the influence of martial arts ideals in civilian society can be found in poetry, fiction, and eventually film.

China has one of the longest histories of continuously recorded martial arts tradition of any society in the world, There are common themes to the different styles, that mimic movements from animals and others that gather inspiration from various Chinese philosophies, myths and legends. For example, external and internal. northern and southern, imitative-styles and more.

Chinese Kung Fu

Kung Fu requires of the practitioner a strict code of physical and mental discipline, It's training consists of the following components: basics, forms, applications and weapons. Each style has its own unique training system with varying emphasis on each of those components.In addition, philosophy, ethics and even medical practice are highly regarded by most Chinese martial arts. A complete training system should also provide insight into Chinese attitudes and culture.

A common saying concerning basic training in Chinese martial arts is as follows: Train both Internal and External. External training includes the hands, the eyes, the body and stances. Internal training includes the heart, the spirit, the mind, breathing and strength.

Discount Kung Fu Show Tickets Booking

Beijing Red Theatre has running the Legend of Kung Fu Show in every night, two shows time are 5:15-6:30pm and 7:30-8:45pm. We offer the best discount tickets for all the Zone, The details price of Kung Fu show at Red Theatre as followed:

Beijing Red Theatre Seating Plan

Orange Zone ( Second floor seats ):140 Yuan

Yellow Zone ( Both sides seats ):190 Yuan

Blue Zone ( middle section / 1-4 and 12-22 rows ):260 Yuan

Green Zone ( middle section / 5-6 and 10-11 rows ):330 Yuan

Red Vip Zone ( middle section / 7-9 rows ):600 Yuan

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