Flamenco Ballet Carmen by Murcia Dance Company

Published on Nov 2, 2017

Flamenco Ballet Carmen by Murcia Dance Company


Genre: Dance & Ballet

Dates: December 22-24, 2017

Venue: Mei Lanfang Theatre

Prices: 100, 180, 280, 380, 480, 680, 880

Features: Murcia, the National Dance Company of Spain will set up their new China tour in winter 2017. From December 22nd-24th, they will presents the classical flamenco ballet Carmen at Mei Lanfang Grand theatre in Beijing.


Murcia, Spain, the National Dance Company, founded in 1985, is set up specifically for the Spain talented dancers National Dance Company, Dance Company members are dance moves dancer, called Spain Dover sliding Ge dance “dream team”. Since its inception, through the successful work of the creation of the dance troupe, dancers deep artistic accomplishments and passion to create has been brought into full play.

“Carmen” This beautiful tragedy from the famous writer Merimee described, the original composer than was adapted for the opera stage, has become the world staged the highest rate of work. Her music is so passionate, shocking and imagination, her pieces played almost all played an integral at a landscape. This will be in China’s “Carmen” by the leader of the dance troupe in Murcia – Spain’s most popular dancer Carmen and Madi Le sisters, according to well-known music carefully compose flamenco ballet is the latest version of 2011. Ballet “Carmen” is not only very dramatically depicts the fate of the characters, the performance of their uninhibited personalities and hot ethnic characteristics, Spanish dance, passionate performance style, the perfect classical art and modern romance combine . Director to use the unique language of flamenco fusion of his own unique way, the clever use of the dancer’s body, about the eternal theme of love.

Flamenco Ballet Carmen by Murcia Dance Company

Flamenco is an integrated arts in Spain, It combines dancing, singing, instrumental music in one, popular in southern Spain in the past, has now expanded to the vast areas of Spain and Europe, as the representation of art throughout Spain. one, called the art treasures of Spain. Flamenco quiet soft and fanaticism unrestrained two diametrically opposite emotions together to form a unique form of expression. Singers, dancers, guitarists on stage embraced the pursuit of the same effect with the audience mind. Powerful man dance, rhythm and clear; woman dance graceful soft and full of temptation. Performance, singing, clapping, tap dance step the sound of castanets, cries each other, the atmosphere was very warm. Merimee described by well-known dramatic character Carmen’s image, was the most natural form of flamenco dance. Love and hate, and movement and stillness on the stage can be fully reflected

Murcia Dance Company – Spanish flamenco “dream team” for its unique charm, and to reproduce the classic Chinese audience. When you went to the site for a taste of the elegance of a “dream team”, the hollowing out of all the kind words left shock.

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