French Comedy L’Avare

Published on May 12, 2017

French Comedy L’Avare


Genre: Drama

Dates: June 30 - July 1, 2017

Venue: Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

Prices A: 99, 180, 280, 380, 480, 580

Features: The Miser (L' Avare), one of Moliere's representative works. From June 30 to July 1, the French comedy L’Avare will be performing at Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center.


The Miser (L' Avare), one of Moliere's representative works, was written in 1668. Similar to ancient Roman comedist Plautus's Aulularia, Moliere portrayed the stinginess and ridiculousness of loan shark Harpagon who loves money as his life. Harpagon lends money for interest and his son borrows loans; the son falls in love with a poor girl who is coincidentally Harpagon's lady of his love. Through sharp and highlighted dramatic conflicts, vivid characters, dramatic plot and humorous and sarcastic words, the writer reveals the fanatical fortune accumulation of the capitalist class, sin of money, and the indifferent relationships of people which are built on the basis of money. Harpagon has become the synonym for 「miser」due to his image portrayed deeply and truly by Moliere. This shows that money, once placed in the supreme position, will turn into a hideous power.

French Comedy L’Avare

A cult piece, played more than two thousand times by the Comédie-Fran?aise since 1680, The Miser entertains us with its bouncy plot, its fanciful misunderstandings and its hilarious bravura. Ludovic Lagarde gives to this great classic a new energy and highlights how this social and psychological satire is so very contemporary.With spectacular scenography by Antoine Vasseur showing the back of a bourgeois house where goods are amassed Ludovic Lagarde orchestrates a physical and merciless battle between Harpagon and his tyrannised relatives. The play, brought to us by a ravishing troupe of actors, is magnified by the extraordinary Laurent Poitrenaux in the title role, as an irresistible and ferocious Harpagon. As scary as it is funny, the comedian creates an unheard-of ambiance somewhere between euphoria and discomfort."

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