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The MAKO Live House (Chinese Name : 麻雀瓦舍) has one of the best sound systems in Beijing, and the size is big enough to avoid a hard-to-breathe crowd. Started with hosting decent folk concerts, they've recently started to feature more live concerts and other events.

It's like a stretched out, spruced up version of D-22, with a bigger stage, fancier lighting, bigger drinks list and an extra lick of paint. It doesn't have D-22's rough-and-tumble punk appeal; it does have a 5-meter high model of Transformer Optimus Prime.

What's on Stage

Cara Dillon 2014 China Tour Beijing Concert

Cara Dillon 2014 China Tour Beijing Concert

Oct 18th, 2014 / 8:30pm

RMB 160, 200

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Map of MAKO Live House

Map of Beijing MAKO Live House

Address : Inside of Hongdian Art Factory, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Phone : 010-52051112

You could getting there by subway, it's flat fare is RMB 2/p.p. take the subway line 10, and get off the Shuangjing Qiao station. then walk to the wast 300 meters from Shuangjing bridge in the South. walk to inside a small alley, there is a big red building that is Hongdian Art Factory(MAKO Live House).